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Hi folks, I know there’s not many people that follow me on here - i’m not here often and even then it’s just to post daft little updates about what music stuff I’ve been doing.

This is vastly more important to me.

My Uncle, who now lives in Australia, is losing his battle with cancer. I’m trying to raise a little bit of money for one last family reunion. Any tiny donations would be unbelievably appreciated.

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Edward Snowden's Interview with German Television's ADR. January 2014.

This is something everyone needs to listen to and share. If you can see this Tumblr post, then it should concern you all the more. It is one of the biggest revelations that will happen in your life time. It is important.

This was going to be a post about how I had also taken the audio and cut it into 20 sections to make it easier to listen to in stages, and of course, to revisit and share what resonates most with you.

SoundCloud will not let me upload them.

Here is a link on there to the full broadcast interview if you would like to watch it in full.

Please share.

8 months ago